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April 1, SATURDAY - Public Auction- South Williamsport, PA

April 1, SATURDAY - Public Auction- Bloomsburg, PA

April 3, Monday - Auction- Kingston, PA

April 4, Tuesday - Estate Auction, Dallas, PA

April 5, Wednesday - Auction, Danville, PA

April 5, Wednesday - Outstanding Auction, Ashley, PA

April 7, Friday - Antique Collectible Auction, Exeter, PA

April 7, Friday - Two Day Public Auction, Benton, PA

April 8, Saturday - Public Auction, Hughesville, PA

April 8, Saturday - Surplus & Industrial Auction, Nicholson, PA

April 10, Monday - Auction, Kingston, PA

April 12, Wednesday - Antique & Collectible Auction, Nicholson, PA

April 14, Friday - Estate Auction, Exeter, PA

April 15, Saturday - Public Auction, Washingtonville, PA

April 15, Saturday - Antique Shop Auction, Nicholson, PA

April 15, Saturday - Public Auction, Bloomsburg (Espy), PA

April 18, Tuesday - Antiques & Collectibles Auction, Dallas, PA

April 19, Wednesday - Public Auction, Berwick, PA

April 20, Thursday - Farm Equipment Auction, Millville, PA

April 22, Saturday - Public Auction, Mifflinville, PA

April 26, Wednesday - Municipal Auction, Kingston, PA

April 28, Friday - Estate Auction, Exeter, PA

April 29, Saturday - Short Notice Public, Nescopeck, PA

May 2, Tuesday - Antiques/Collectibles, Dallas, PA

May 3, Wednesday - Restaurant/Bar Equip., Berwick, PA

May 6, Saturday - On-Site Public Auction, Mifflinville, PA

May 6, Saturday - Public Auction, Summerhill,


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